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Steve Harvey has won a major court battle against his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn, after she claimed the radio and TV personality “murdered her soul” and caused her severe emotional anguish.

A Los Angeles judge said her claims instead belong in another courthouse and in another state, according to documents obtained by Radar Online.

In a Dec. 15 order, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian said Vaughn’s claims that Harvey caused her emotional distress during their marriage is a matter for a Texas court, where the former couple was actually divorced.

“Her claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, and invasion of privacy, although vaguely stated, appear to arise from Harvey’s alleged infidelities during marriage and a later incident involving her arrest and gag order,” Keosian wrote in the Dec. 15 order. “The infidelity allegations would properly have been a matter for their martial dissolution proceeding, and the injustice of the gag order mat be taken up with the Texas court charged with implementing it. It is likewise apparent that Vaughn’s fraud claims arises from Harvey allegedly ‘dishonestly calculating for his advantage land, real estate, stocks,’ and other properties in their mutual division of property. Vaughn’s defamation and conversion claims also appear to arise from the same nucleus of facts.”

Vaughn’s $60 million lawsuit, filed May 17, 2017, accused the “Family Feud” host of “soul murdering” through a combination of “torture, deprivation and brainwashing.” Vaughn said she attempted suicide by self-medicating in order to stop her pain.

Vaughn was seeking damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnaping, murder and breach of contract.

More details below via Radar Online:

Harvey, 60, married Vaughn in 1996 — just two years after he split with his wife of 14 years, Marcia Harvey. Harvey and Vaughn went through a nasty divorce in Texas in 2005 — two years before he married his current wife, Marjorie. Vaughn was arrested in December 2013 in Collin County, Texas for contempt of court.

In her complaint, Vaughn also claimed Harvey kidnapped their then 8-year old son in 2005. Vaughn said Harvey refused to allow her to see the child on her scheduled visitations.

Harvey has denied all of Vaughn’s claims. According to court documents filed on June 30, 2017, Harvey said Vaughn failed to state sufficient facts and said her the claims were “time-barred” because it was filed too late and went beyond the statute of limitations in California. Harvey’s attorneys also argued Vaughn’s claims involved alleged actions that took place during their marriage and/or divorce, which should be argued in Texas court where they were divorced.

So far, Vaughn has not filed an opposition, but she won’t be able to amend her complaint either. In his three-page Dec. 15 ruling, Judge Gregory Keosian denied Vaughn an opportunity to amend her complaint, effectively shutting down the lawsuit.

The judge also allowed Harvey’s request to seal certain documents from the file, including intimate personal and financial details from their divorce proceedings.


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