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Cardi B Off Set

Source: Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike / Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike

As 2017 comes to a close, I would be lying to say Cardi hasn’t had a poppin year. From breaking records, topping the charts, shoe deals, clothing ads, covering the top magazines, and more. But remember that saying, “New level, new devil” and it seems like that recently has been happening.

The leaking of Offset’s private videos, to now maybe a baby on the way?

“…Celina Powell dropped bombshell on Instagram earlier today, after she shared a picture of a recent sonogram on Instagram with her followers, claiming that the father of her unborn child is Migos rapper Offset. He is currently engaged to Cardi B, who is one of rap’s hottest stars. Needless to say, this should be interesting.” – HNHH



Sounds like 2018 is about to kick off real skressful

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