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Political commentator Angela Rye was on The Breakfast Club this week and the first topic of discussion was Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

After co-host Charlamagne used Angela’s initials to dub her AR-15 (as in the semi-automatic rifle), Rye remarked that the nickname was “violent.”

“You better learn how to get violent when Omarosa come for your fade,” Charlamagne responded, referring to Rye’s now infamous televised laughter over news that the former White House staffer and longtime Donald Trumployalist had resigned (likely fired).

“She ain’t gonna come for me,” Rye quipped.

Co-host Angela Yee countered by bringing up Omarosa’s “black woman civil war” comment, which was actually in response to “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts dismissing her interview with “Bye Felicia.”

“She said that after Robin Roberts,” Rye told Yee. “[Omarosa] knows not to mention my name.”

Rye went on to detail why she believes Omarosa was fired, and did not resign as the White House said in its official statement.



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