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50 Cent beat a lawsuit over his hit show Power.

The show’s creator and the Starz network have been fighting a copyright suit from a pair of writers who claim he ripped off their idea for a TV series. The suit alleges that Power is based on Dangerous, a play which has similar plot line about a violent drug dealer who evades the law and cleans his drug money.

After reviewing the lawsuit, the court decided that 50 Cent didn’t infringe on their copyright, and that the elements cited aren’t solely specific to their play. In the ruling, the judge said, “One need only look to such shows and movies as The WireEmpire, Breaking BadNarcosWeedsCarlito’s WayAmerican GangsterNew Jack CityScarface and Paid in Full.”


  • Now that Fif is off the hook, the fourth season can continue without delay.
  • There are a million projects in Hollywood that have similarities. That doesn’t mean the ideas were stolen.
  • It’s hard to prove where an idea originated unless there’s a clear paper trail. And even then, it can get murky.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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