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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York is full of foolishness, as expected. We begin with Yandy on the phone with Mendeecees. He’s still trying to regulate from jail and harping on the whole Yandy putting lotion on Grafh thing. Yandy fills him in on Judy’s shenanigans, rehashing the story about how she showed up to her event with a Muppet skin sweater on some dumb ish. He says he’ll have a conversation with his mom, but Yandy plans to handle it. Hold that thought.

Lil Mo links up with Snoop and Juju still talmbout the story that keeps surfacing about her husband cheating on her. Snoop tries to convince Mo that Karl is not out there cheating on her, but we all know what show this is. Both Juju and Snoop tell Lil Mo to put on her big girl pants and address it head on. being direct is the only way to get to the bottom of things.

Mariahlynn and James break up. She blames him for her attack on Sophia Body.


Back to Yandy. She ends up finding some spicy photos of Judy boo’d up with some man. This is scandalous because according to Yandy, Judy has been married for 18 years, but the man in the photos on social media isn’t Judy’s husband. Yandy’s theory is that Judy is posting these shady photos because her husband isn’t on social and maybe she thinks he won’t find out.


Later on, Yandy rolls up on Judy on a date with her social media boo and drops dime that Judy is married to Kenny. Judy’s boo says he isn’t aware of this and Judy looks shook. She definitely wasn’t expecting Yandy, and is clearly not comfortable getting a taste of her own medicine. Judy starts copping pleas and stuttering while claiming she got divorced six years ago. Yandy says she didn’t get that memo because Kenny just broke bread with the fam last Thanksgiving.


Jaquae and Sophia Body are a couple. They’ve been together for a whopping six months. Throughout that time, Jaquae has been helping Sophia transition away from doing videos and more into DJ’ing and other things. Problem is, Sophia hasn’t mentioned the video she did recently with James R. She knows she has to tell him before the streets do, but she’s dragging her feet. Drama is obviously on the horizon because James R., sure enough, spills the beans first. He tells Grafh, who happens to be one of his boys, about the video shoot, the Mariahlynn fight and how he believes that Sophia wants him.

Because in James R’s world, everyone wants him. He does talk about himself in third person.


Jonathan and Anais know each other from back in the day. He was there with her around the time she first started blowing up. Eventually, they had a falling out, but another one of their mutual friends, who is caught in the middle, thinks it’s a great idea to mediate a peace talk. Apparently, the beef is over Anais telling everyone that he (allegedly) went down on her during a threesome and spilling other tea from when they ran the streets together. Jonathan admits to doing wild ish with her, but vehemently denies the claims that he went down on her (we all know he’s gay, but that doesn’t mean…). Anais adamantly supports her claims and thinks Jonathan is too Hollywood to tell the truth. That pisses Jonathan off, especially when it becomes clear that Anais isn’t going to stop running her mouth. Yeah, this conversation goes nowhere.

Finally, Jaquae ends up kicking it with Grafh, Snoop and Self ,and Grafh spills all the tea about Sophia doing the video with James. Jaquae is disturbed by this. Self tells Jaquae to pow-wow with Sophia about this, especially because he feels that James is an opportunist and will get in the spotlight however he can. Jaquae agrees that he has some checking to do, but we’ll see that next week.

The episode winds down with Bri reaching out to her girls for some downtime and to vent. She is frustrated because there’s a lot of pressure on her. She is responsible for taking care of her entire family, especially her sickly grandmother and needs to vent. The problem is, Bri is friends with Dreamdoll and Sophia Body but the latter two don’t like each other. Actually, they don’t even really know each other. Dreamdoll doesn’t like Sophia. Here’s the deal Sophia is Safaree’s ex and Dreamdoll is trying to get with Safaree. You know it doesn’t take much for ostriches to get angry. Anyway, things go downhill swiftly when Sophia shows. Dreamdoll immediately turns up the hostility and the next thing you know, they’re in the middle of the juice bar tossing smoothies on each other. Bri is so upset that she breaks down in tears. Dreamdoll offers a disingenuous apology. But she (and Mariahlynn too) really needs to learn that self-control is free.

See you next week, same ratchet time, same ratchet channel.


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