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The thought of a dead fly in your glass of water could give many folks nightmares — but imagine if you found a whole amphibian caught in your drink.

One couple in Tallahassee, Florida discovered a dead frog floating around in their water at a Waffle House. That’s right, earlier this month, Claire Sheats said she and her husband sat down for a meal, and when they were served their water, there was the lifeless frog. “My husband drank from the glass before he noticed the frog floating around in the ice,” Sheats wrote in a Google review. “The staff did not offer us anything more than a ‘sorry about that guys’—we promptly left and will not be going back to this location.”

Sheats and her husband went on to file complaints with state health inspectors and Waffle House corporate officials. Waffle House spokesperson Pat Warner said corporate is “working with the local operators to determine the facts.”

The fact is, we applaud this couple for not passing out or getting in a few fights over this gross incident. What would you have done? Is the Waffle House now off your list for go-to restaurants?

This Is What Happened When A Couple Found A Dead Frog In Their Water  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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