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A onetime male model is suing Cardi B over her mixtape cover, saying he’s never met her and didn’t sign off on having his image used on the cover of Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 1.

The man with the extensive back tattoos who was Photoshopped to appear to have his face buried in Cardi’s lap says he didn’t even know his likeness was being used on the cover until a friend of his reached out. Brophy’s pal hit him up saying how crazy it is that he’s “cunnilinging [sic] this rapper called Cardi B.”

The artwork reportedly led to awkward moments, including Kevin Brophy‘s young son and daughter asking him who the girl is in the picture and what Daddy is doing with her.

Now that he knows who she is — and thinks she’s ripping him off — Brophy is suing Cardi and her managers for $5 million.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • While most guys would probably brag about this, think about it from his perspective. He’s a male model — his livelihood and reputation are both on the line.
  • Nobody’s likeness should be used without permission or compensation. Period.
  • Cunnilinging? That’s a new one. Kind of has a nice ring to it.
  • He still wouldn’t have known if Cardi didn’t blow up and become the biggest thing in hip-hop overnight.
  • He doesn’t pose now — he makes money moves.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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