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Cardi B called the Hilton Albany hotel staff and the Albany, New York police department racist after she was booted from her hotel room early Sunday morning.

According to TMZ, the hotel staff started getting complaints about noise and the smell of weed coming from the Bronx rapper’s room. The police were called and Cardi’s crew were asked to leave. Exactly where the odor was coming from was up for debate, with the report saying there was no evidence that the weed smell was coming from the room Cardi was in. Either way, she was escorted out.

She later vented about the situation on Instagram, saying that Albany is known for being racist and claiming that everyone she knows who served time upstate complained about COs beating them. She added, “I do not smoke weed. And none of my team members smoke weed. If they wanted to kick us out for something else, alright. But for weed, I’m not taking that. ‘Cause I do not smoke.”

Fasho Thoughts:

  • This wasn’t the only bit of drama last night for Cardi, who appeared to break up and make up with her boyfriend, Offset.
  • We wouldn’t want to be on Cardi’s bad side.
  • Cardi deleted her post after — maybe she feared legal repercussions from the city of Albany?
  • Last month, Cardi claimed that NYPD put her in a chokehold after she got into a minor car accident.
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