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At least 36 people are dead in wildfires in Portugal, and at least another three have died in neighboring Spain.

Officials there say there were 105 separate fires, most of them started by arsonists. Peripheral winds from the passing of Hurricane Ophelia over the weekend fanned the flames.

Among the dead is a one-month-old infant.

Cooler, wetter weather is expected, which should help extinguish the fires. The blazes come only months after a rash of wildfires in June killed 64 people in Portugal. (Sky News)

Talk About It:

  • That death toll is about the same as in California. Eerie.
  • Why would arsonists start all those fires?
  • George Carlin once said that the earth will shake us humans off like a bad case of fleas. Feels like that’s starting.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho


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