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YouTube has announced it is taking down all videos showing viewers how to alter their firearms using bump stock devices.

The move is a reaction to last week’s shooting massacre in Las Vegas in which gunman Stephen Paddock used a bump stock to turn his gun into a fully automatic weapon and fire thousands of rounds at a crowd at the Route 91 Festival. A spokesperson for YouTube said in a statement, “We have long had a policy against harmful and dangerous content. In the wake of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, we have taken a closer look at videos that demonstrate how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly and we’ve expanded our existing policy to prohibit these videos.”

Bump stock devices are legal to own in the U.S. The National Rifle Association has even said that the devices should be subject to additional regulations. (The Telegraph)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Critics are arguing that the devices are legal and videos showing them should not be banned.
  • YouTube and other social media platforms are beginning to understand their impact on society and are taking the appropriate action and being more responsible.
  • All videos showing that could incite violence or illegal activities should be banned.


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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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