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Investigators in Nevada are still searching for clues into what may have motivated 64-year-old Stephen Paddock to open fire on concert-goers from his hotel room and kill 59 people.

Authorities have recovered more than 40 guns, ammunition and explosives between a search of his hotel room and his home in Mesquite, Nevada. But so far, they have not been able to establish a motive. His brother described him as an ordinary guy with no affiliations to any groups and had no reason to believe he would ever commit such a violent act. Authorities say he was a wealthy man and a high-stakes gambler who may have recently lost a lot of money.

Paddock was the son of Patrick Benjamin Paddock, a convicted bank robber who escaped prison in 1969 and was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. But despite his pedigree, Stephen Paddock never had any run-ins with police and no known links to any groups despite an ISIS claim that he was one of its fighters.

Investigators say that he legally purchased more than two dozen firearms over the years but are looking into how he obtained an automatic rifle. (Washington Post)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Investigators are still waiting to interview Paddock’s girlfriend who may be able to offer some insight into what he may have been thinking in the days before the shooting.
  • Someone must have known that he had a stockpile of weapons.
  • Experts say he doesn’t appear to have any of the typical indicators of a mass murderer.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho


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