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Just caught wind of my favorite Spice Girls‘ return to the limelight. Mel B aka Melanie Brown is taking a chance on reality television this week by signing a new deal with the Style Network. Scary Spice is anticipating the opportunity to give fans an upclose look at her whirlwind of a life before the masses as a mother, personality, performer and actress.

The former Spice Girl promises to keep things real spicy as she lets the cameras capture her family, including her daughter with superstar actor/comedian turn media spectacle Eddie Murphy, for ten episodes each with a total runtime of half an hour. Titled “The Mel B Project,’ the reality series is slated to premiere on the Style Network as early as Labor Day weekend.

So ladies and gentlemen, do you think this is one you’ll be tuning in to see? I think Mel B will do a bang up job with this one. Just as beautiful as she can be, Mel B was always my favorite Spice Girl. (Yes, I said it. Don’t hate and definitely don’t sleep. I was a huge fan and still am. Those girls were way ahead of their time.) I think long before reality shows became the next big thing, her bold and in your face personality made her the perfect fit for something like this.

With all the controversy surrounding her tumultuous relationship with Mr. Murphy, she’s overdue for a real chance to set the record straight and spill the tea on what really went down. Hopefully, since they’ve already seemed to have made up, it won’t spark any other drama. I really think Mel keeps it real, but keeps it classy underneath all of it.

What do you guys think? Will this show be part of our weekly tube talks at the end of the summer? Tell us what you think by posting in the comments section below. For more details on Mel B’s new series, visit Singersroom.com. For those of you who were fans, check out Scary Spice and the other Spice Girls at their best in the photo gallery below.