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1. #InsecureHBO

Reactions to the penultimate episode of season two of HBO’s Insecure.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • It’s all fun and games until the wife calls. #SecondFiddle
  • You always gon’ come second to his wife. Might as well get used to it now.
  • Issa and Lawrence deserve each other … they’re both kinda hopeless lol
  • Issa dissing a sweet one. Molly cuddling a married one
  • I need some bleenex and some blorox bleach

2. #GameofThrones / #ThronesYall / #DemThrones

Reactions to the mid-season finale.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • Jon Snow with the superbly bad timing. Really dude?
  • Bran and Samwell just dropped the greatest collaboration track of all time.
  • When you’re super happy that Jon and Daenerys finally hooked up but then remember its incest
  • Bran is that one family member who gets mad and starts telling everyone’s business at the family reunion
  • That’s right Jamie, walk away from that toxic relationship. You deserve better anyway
  • Lord Baelish is DONE. Dead, gone, no longer living, can’t manipulate my girl Sansa. HES DONE
  • The Starks are judge, jury and executioner
  • Cersei is “Tupac in Juice” level insane right now by the way
  • Gotta rebuild the Wall and make the White Walkers pay for it.

3. #VMAs

Reactions to this year’s Video Music Awards.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • I want Tiffany Haddish to be my life coach.
  • I’ve been following Logic since 2011 and tonight was by far the greatest thing I’ve witnessed from him.
  • Khalid deserves that award, I love to see that kid winning.
  • SZA was robbed.
  • Miss Minaj performed on the main stage and Remy was only allowed backstage entry. THAT’S what’s good.
  • Kudos to MTV and the #VMAs for talking about subjects that actually matter over the teen trash awards making emoji and fidget spinner jokes
  • Second year in a row that Video of the Year was won by a black artist. When y’all gonna start respecting our influence, artistry and genius?
  • Yo, MTV really nailed it with the way they handled this Best Fight Against The System award. Best moment of the night.
  • Logic just gave one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard. I wish everyone could actually listen to his words
  • Did she just say “what’s good” after accusing Nicki of not coming up with her own lyrics?
  • Remy’s dumb a– really just said Nicki what’s good… how you gone come for somebody better than you & try to use THEIR line .
  • King Kendrick basically set the stage on fire and snatched everyone’s wigs at the same time.
  • Kung Fu Kenny is giving us a SHOW tonight. Go off, Kendrick!
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