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Flat earth truther B.o.B. has some interesting takes on the eclipse. The amateur astrologist theorized to his two million-plus followers that the solar eclipse doesn’t disprove the existence of a flat earth — because the moon actually generates its own light.

He tweeted, asking, “Have you seen the moon?” A follower replied with some science, explaining, “You realize that the only reason you see the moon in the first place is because the sun casts light on it, right? All light is behind it now.”

But B.o.B. doesn’t accept facts. He responded by saying, “According to a textbook, yes, but the moon actually generates its own light…a spherical object doesn’t reflect or refract light evenly across its surface.” A few hours later, he would eulogize what he calls “real science.”

Fasho Thoughts:

  • The last time B.o.B’s science views were in the news, they led to a back and forth with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson hasn’t weighed in on B.o.B’s latest claim — yet.
  • Is he just trolling?
  • B.o.B. tweeted, “I miss real science. I used to love science as a kid. Now it’s just a religion that laughs at questions that challenge modern thinking.” Do you agree? Should we challenge more things that we’re taught?
  • It takes all kinds.
  • Maybe B.o.B. is a genius and the entire rest of the world is just crazy gullible.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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