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1. #InsecureHBO / LawrenceHive

Reactions to the latest episode of the HBO original series.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • Insecure stays being great week after week after week
  • I definitely thought they were gonna rob Lawrence
  • Aww, Lawrence realizing he ain’t about that life? he want that old bouch back?
  • Lawrence is living right now boy. Straight living!!!
  • Even if they are in an open marriage, you don’t smash the homie.
  • The code switching in the car —too real.
  • I spy Syd the Kid as the DJ at this party!
  • Daniel is a freaking SCHNACK
  • Is Daniel’s beard a lacefront?

2. #GameOfThrones/#DemThrones/#ThronesYall

Reactions to the latest episode of the HBO fantasy drama.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • Sam screaming over Gilly while she tells him crucial info is the experience of every woman at every meeting ever
  • Clearly not emotionally stable because I’m crying at this Jon Snow and dragon meet and greet right now
  • I won’t be surprised if Little Finger has actually crossed the Wall and made an alliance with the Night King
  • Can someone please be ahead of Little Finger for once?
  • I gotta sit through watching Jon fight white walkers again when I almost blacked out during his last battle? Nope.
  • Last season it took 5 episodes to travel in Westeros now all we do is blink and they’re at their destination

3. #PowerStarz

Reactions to the latest episode of the Starz original series.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • Tariq was like…nope…not tryna be an accessory to murder today.
  • When you realize why Angela told Silver to tell Ghost it was Mike. Then you realize she’s a mastermind.
  • Angela knew .. she knew what she was doing telling Silver
  • Proctor, I thought you were one of us.
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