The lead lawyer for Bill Cosby quit on him.

A judge granted permission for Brian McMonagle to resign from defending the disgraced comic. A source revealed, (quote) “Brian cares, but he’s not going to continue to put his stellar reputation on the line if there’s no cooperation from his client and his client’s publicist.”

Cosby is due back in court this November. This is a re-trial on sexual assault charges. McMonagle was responsible for achieving a hung jury earlier this summer, though he won’t be around to work his legal voodoo the second time.

Cosby seeks new representation. In three weeks, he will attend a preliminary hearing and present to the judge a request for his new defense team. (USA Today)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • If your own defense attorney won’t stick by you, just how guilty is Cosby?
  • His publicist faced a firestorm of criticism after declaring Cosby would go on a speaking tour and instruct young men how to avoid false charges of sexual assault.
  • Before the first trial even started, Bill Cosby burned through three lawyers.
  • Cosby has deep pockets so the gig pays well. There will always be a hired gun who craves the TV news cameras.
  • If only Cosby’s accused hadn’t waited so long. A conviction, jail sentence, and sizable compensation would’ve been likely.
  • It’s almost cruel and unusual punishment to throw an 80-year-old man behind bars.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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