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Amber Rose Joins 'KYST' Aids Awareness Tour For Atlanta

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Who thought this was a real relationship? I honestly don’t know what to think. BUT Amber Rose and 21 Savage are a “thing.”

“Amber Rose has been spotted in the company of 21 Savage twice in the past week. The pair left a showcase together in his Ferrari last Thursday and were spotted again this week on Wednesday 6/28 leaving a dinner date at Catch Restaurant in West Hollywood holding hands. Sources close to the pair exclusively confirmed to BOSSIP they’ve been seeing each other this for “close to a month.” 21 Savage has been in Los Angeles working on music for most of June. Friends tell Bossip he is the happiest they’ve ever seen him.” – Bossip


Umm he looks like an evil villain plotting to take over the world. Not only that, how old is he again?

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