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The Game has co-signed Kendrick Lamar’s latest album in a major way.

Game wrote an Instagram post on Wednesday dedicated to “whoever the [hell] is concerned” singing the praises of Damn. He says the album is “dope as [hell]” and that he’s proud of what K-Dot accomplished across the album’s 14 tracks. He says any true hip-hop fan should have the album memorized by now. And in case you doubted his sincerity, he says, “That’s on Compton, Bompton, [his] hood and [his] kids.”

Fasho Thoughts: 

  • Game also managed to get a plug in for his new album, Westside Story. He says Kendrick has him extra motivated.
  • Hashtags attached to the post include #PacWouldBeProud, #CaliforniaLove and #WaitTillIGetOffHouseArrest.
  • Damn is the number-one album in the country two weeks in a row. He also scored two of the four biggest sales weeks of the year.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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