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The Cleveland Cavaliers playing an exciting and thrilling game on April 15, 2017 as the defending NBA championship team was able to take game one, beating out the Indiana Pacers 109-108.  The team who lead the matchup kept changing, but the Cavs rallied to take the top despite uneven ball playing at times.

The entire game was not the only thing at Quicken Loans Arena in Downtown Cleveland that entertained both the crowd and players for both teams.

Legendary rapper and beatboxer Biz Markie came out on the court to perform his 1989/1990 hit “Just A Friend” during halftime along with both the Cavs Scream Team and Cavaliers Girl team.  Markie, who is also a Grammy award winner, was wearing a LeBron James #23 jersey during his performance.

The crowd joined in on singing the well-known chorus of “Just a Friend”

Markie was having a blast in Cleveland not only during halftime, but also on his Twitter page with a video tweet featuring him and former NBA player and coach Mark Jackson.

Speaking of Twitter, there is a lot of buzz going around after a video off of the Pacers Snapchat page went viral.  During that team’s practice on the court before the game took place.

Drake’s “Free Smoke” was the song played at the arena as seen in the footage.  Sports Illustrated took notice and posted the short clip on its Twitter page.

The part that has NBA fans talking is the muting of the word “Oracle” from song, replaced by instrumental music.  This move is not surprising giving the intense rivalry between the Cavs and the Golden State Warriors, especially during the last two NBA finals, where the Warriors won in 2015, and the Cavs won in 2016.  The muting in the song suggests another matchup could be taking place in 2017 if both teams do indeed make it to the Finals.

More from USA Today:

Unfortunately, no one really noticed until well after the game ended and this Snap cuts off one second after “Oracle.” I’m wondering if they quickly switched songs because after “Oracle,” Drake mentions Steph Curry and Kevin Durant:

I took the team plane from Oracle

Mama never used to cook much

Used to chef KD

Now me and Chef, KD

Bet on shots for twenty G’s

Anyway, none of this really matters, it’s just hilarious.

Fans from all sides reacted on social media.

Even the Cavs’ own (and Radio One Cleveland Mixer for Z107.9) DJ Steph Floss got in on the social media reaction on his Twitter page.

This means that the NBA playoffs have gotten even more interesting, from who might show up next, and what might be played – and muted – next.


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