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Empire returned last night to FOX with an explosive episode. But there’s even more drama backstage.

TMZ reports that Taraji P. Henson and guest star Nia Long were “at each other’s throats.” Sources claim the crew in hair, makeup and wardrobe filed a formal complaint against Nia. Taraji reportedly came to their defense and attacked Nia, who was “habitually late.” Tensions grew and producers created ways to shoot scenes so the actresses never had to be in the same room together. Another actor told TMZ that having Nia on set was so unpleasant they’d “never work with her again.”

Her reps deny these accounts saying, “This story is complete nonsense. Nia has been nothing but a consummate professional treating all members of productions with respect.”

Fasho Thoughts:

  • You can see Taraji not holding back her criticisms. Sounds legitimate.
  • It’s called a “guest appearance.” So Nia ought to act like a guest, and respect the host’s house rules.
  • Actors have the biggest egos paired with the most fragile emotions.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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