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The intersections of Black womanhood was once again under attack at a South African restaurant on Sunday. A video has gone viral of a White man threatening to attack a Black woman in front of her kids in a Texamo Spur restaurant.

According to TimesLive, the incident started when the White man’s daughter came crying to him accusing another kid of bullying her in the play area. The unidentified man confronted the mother of the alleged bully and things quickly escalated. In the video, the man suggests the mother’s child was hitting his child “against the head.” The Black mother defends her kid and suggests the man should just leave. However, he continues to yell at her, even throwing up his fist as if ready to punch her. You can watch the video below.

The mother continues to call him a “bully” as he walks away, but apparently this was too much for his fragile masculinity. He returns to the mother’s table appearing ready to fight.

One Black man eventually rushes to stand between the White aggressor and the woman, while the staff (also Black men) appear to stand helplessly by.

Social media expressed outrage over the video with many wondering where management was in the midst of this situation.

Texamo Spur released a statement assuring that staff tried to intervene in the incident and they banned the White man from the restaurant. However, many people are still calling for a boycott of the establishment.

Some folks even demand more info on the whereabouts of the aggressive man.

The video gives weight to a common narrative that Black women and girls can still be seen as criminal and acceptable to violence despite their gender. The video also evokes conversations about Black men’s role in defending Black women and the duty of Black staff in the midst of boycott talk. Thankfully, no one was harmed.

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