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According to The NY Post, MaShonda and Swizz Beatz finally signed their divorce papers two weeks ago and she is now suing him for over $334,000 in missed child support payments and $9,000 in alimony.  MaShonda’s lawyer called the missed payments “troubling” because Swizz Beatz reportedly bought Alicia Keys a 7 carat engagement ring and the couple are rumored to be moving into a $14.5 million dollar penthouse.

Swizz Beatz’ claims that MaShonda’s accusations are inaccurate and that he has gone above and beyond to provide for their son.

He said he’d agreed to pay Dean more than the judge required and much more than his lawyer recommended — he even had to sign court papers acknowledging that he was going against his attorney’s advice.

“I gave over what the judge was recommending to give. I gave her $700,000 up front, because I thought $200,000 wasn’t enough for what she wanted to do. I still get spit in my face for it,” he said.

He also claims she sold some of his stuff when he moved out of the house. eek! It’s like the drama never ends with these two.

I hope they settle everything before Alicia and Swizzy’s wedding in July (if those reports are true..)

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