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Sean Kingston is nursing some cuts and bruises today after he was beaten up in Las Vegas, allegedly by Migos.

The fight went down Tuesday afternoon outside the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Witnesses say Kingston and the guys in Migos got into an argument involving Soulja Boy when the Migos guys started punching and kicking Kingston. Someone in Kingston’s crew then reportedly pulled a gun and fired a shot which didn’t hit anyone. The shooter was detained by security and turned over to police.

Kingston and Migos all fled the scene, but police later caught up to Kingston at a traffic stop where he refused to snitch on his attacker. Police want to talk to Migos but say they are not “wanted.” (TMZ)

Talk About It:

  • Kingston had no chance against three guys.
  • Police say the Migos guys are not wanted, but every witness says they were the culprits.
  • What could they have been arguing about?

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