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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Beyonce made a very loud statement last night.

Many people feel Beyonce was snubbed of a few Grammy’s which included ‘Best Album of The Year.’

Including the winner, Adele. Last night this pic was released. Could this be to the Recording Academy/Grammys? I think so! Especially after TMZ released an article stating how there is a secret committee that overrides black artists and anything “embarrassing.”

“According to Willis, the committee’s purpose is to “override the decision of Grammy voters in the event the select committee does not like who the Grammy voter has chosen” for the 4 top awards.

He goes on to strongly suggest a racial element, saying, “The question is how many African Americans are on that committee?”  He says in the letter, “If certain people at the Grammys don’t like who the voteres have chosen, a Grammy committee will simply override the voters and subsequently select who they think should win.  Like Adele, maybe?”

We did some research, and it does appear there is a secret committee, but from what we can gather, the committee is designed to knock out embarrassing nominations — like, say, Milli Vanilli.  Once, however, the nominations are locked, the voters have the final say … at least that’s what we’ve found.”


Even though the Grammy’s made a statement previously stating race isn’t an issue…. this might be proof there is? What are your thoughts?

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