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Marking her fifth time getting down with KING, hip-hop veteran and resident “Baddest Chick” Trina reminds the masses that she still has “the crown for best a** in the game.” Hey, she said it, not us. Take a gander at this excerpt from our one-on-one with her…

KING: Finish this sentence: Trina is currently…?

Trina: Happily in love.

With a man or her career? Enough with the vague answers.

[Laughs] Wow, what a question. I’m happily in love with my man, but I love my career.

Would that man happen to be Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin, as rumored?

Rumors, I don’t like rumors. Who wants to know that? Is that what you want to know?

Somebody has to keep some form of journalistic integrity in this publication, woman. Out with it.

Good girls should not kiss and tell…they just kiss [laughs].

Is that some Miami slogan people are unaware of?

And they kiss on the neck.

You’re making this too easy. Is that huge tattoo of red lips on Martin’s neck yours?

[Laughs] I’m just laughing….

Sometimes laughter is an admittance of guilt.

I didn’t say anything. My lips are sealed.

On somebody’s neck, yes.

Those are some very nice lips that he has, huh? [Laughs]

We’re talking about the tattoo, right?

Listen, I’m very happy, I’m in love. With all this info already out there, you already know all the answers to it. And I have nice lips.

Point taken, but it’s better if it comes from the horse’s lips, er, mouth.

And sometimes I wear red lipstick….

Well, you did rhyme on Ludacris’s “My Chick Bad” remix that you have “hips of a goddess / Watch how I throw ’em / So good it make ’em wanna tattoo my lips on ’em.” So that settles that.

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