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Ok, so you know I couldn’t let the weekend come to a close without wishing a very “Happy Birthday” to my fabulous friend and one of the flyest ladies still reigning and ruling over the music game – the one and only Janet Jackson. Yes, today, May 16th is our favorite dancing, singing and acting machine’s 44th birthday and her millions of fans (including me) are more than excited for the global superstar for many, many reasons.

Check out one of my favorite photo galleries featuring a very special look book below to see a variety of images reflecting Janet Damita Jo Jackson’s evolution. You’ll reminisce on her glory days, which are far from over if you ask any real music lover, or just sit back if you want to pick out your favorite musical era. She’s given us decades of impeccable style, musical innovation, originality and she’s kept us guessing at what she’ll do next.

Starring in major film productions along her path of musical stardom, Ms. Jackson (“…if you’re nasty”) has stayed true to the art form of creating everything from timeless R&B mid-tempos to funky grooves, from smoothed out soulful and larger-than-life ballads to intense dance numbers with complex choreography many of us are still attempting to emulate. And let’s not even get started on what she’s done for music videos. Simply amazing visual artistry at its greatest!

Quite frankly, Janet’s simply the best. Taking her cue early from her famous family, especially her brother, the late King of Pop and equally as iconic Michael Jackson, Janet effortlessly pushed the envelope and kicked the door down for multi-cultural revolutions in music, art, film and dance. She’s been at the top of her game with that infectious smile since her days as little “Penny” on Good Times. She showed us just how real an around the way girl like her could be in a classic street smart love story alongside the late Tupac Shakur in Poetic Justice. Then she even showed us how it feels to love, live, laugh and tragically lose the love of your life in Tyler Perry‘s gargantuan sequel Why Did I Get Married, Too? earlier this year.

With way too many hits to name – well, honestly, if given the opportunity, I could go all night really. But I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll give you one of my lucky charms. A completely insane mega-mix chock full of nothing but a bevy of Janet’s hits from well, the very beginning of her colossal career up until just recently. Now, don’t ever say MusicJunkie didn’t do anything special for y’all.

If you’re a true fan of Janet Jackson, then you’ve attended at least one, two, maybe even three of her often sold-out concert tours and experienced for yourself each night over two-hours of mind-boggling theatrical presentations of the singer’s greatest musical interpretations. Remember how grand, dark and sexy The Velvet Rope Tour was back in 1998? Or how about Janet’s first romp around the world with The Rhythm Nation Tour (1990), which still holds the record for being the biggest selling debut world-wide tour in history? Maybe you were there in the stands screaming at the top of your lungs at the janet. World Tour, which ironically launched it’s debut right here in Cincinnati, OH and was aired live on MTV on November 24, 1993. (Betcha didn’t even remember that, huh?)

Now, I know you guys are still reeling from the tropical vibes, whimsical wardrobe and costume changes, the energetic stage production and the subtle dance grooves from the All For You Tour (2001-2002). If you were spotted, simply taking it all in while rocking it out in arenas with thousands of other die-hard Janet Jackson fans just like I was at any stop on 2008’s cyber-influenced RockWitchu Tour, (which ended way too early that fall if you ask me) then you should totally adore this rare gem of Janet classics blended together from her chart-topping catalog of memorable music.

With a run time of just over eleven minutes, I promise you will enjoy every second. If you don’t, then go get your ears checked. If you don’t get up and move or simply start to smile as the memories flood past your eardrums, somebody needs to check your pulse. Now, I’m not telling a soul where I got this so don’t ask, don’t tell! Ha!

This one is only for the real Janet fans. Sit back and enjoy this one on me. If you need me, I’ll be somewhere with my headphones on and in a corner, spending quality time with one of my favorite artists, musicians and entertainers – Janet Jackson. I love you! The world loves you and we can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. Ms. Jackson, yes, you are still relevant to each of us, your talent is still unmatched and your gifts are still highly appreciated as a singer, songwriter, record producer, performer, actress, dancer, choreographer and a visionary. Happy Birthday Janet! Enjoy your special day and may many more better days rest in your future.

Janet fans stand up and tell us why you love Janet Jackson by posting your comments and birthday wishes to the superstar in the comments section below. You never know, your wish might even find its way back to her. *wink*

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