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Donald Trump has just finished his first press conference since July.

Though questions touched on numerous topics, the subject of the day was Russia’s influence on the election and the report about Trump’s connection to Russia that came out yesterday. Trump called the report, first published by Buzzfeed, “crap” and said it “should never have been released.” He acknowledged that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and said it shouldn’t have happened, but suggested that the real issue is U.S. cybersecurity.

President-Elect Donald Trump on the “fake news” about him being involved in Russia.

Midway through the press conference, he brought up attorney Rebecca Jarvis to outline his plan to avoid a conflict of interest between his business and the Presidency. Jarvis went into some detail, making the arrangement for Trump’s sons to take over sound like the only difference from a blind trust.

Trump also discussed his pro-business stance, pointing out companies that have decided to build factories in the U.S.

President-Elect Donald Trump on being the “best jobs creator” with some luck.

Some other notable points:

  • He’ll nominate a new Supreme Court Justice within two weeks of his Inauguration.
  • He’ll push Congress for a “repeal and replace” plan to deal with Obamacare, instead of the “repeal and delay” plan favored by many in Congress.
  • The border wall construction will begin immediately, but it will take longer to negotiate with Mexico to get that country to pay for it.

Perhaps the biggest fireworks came when Trump refused to answer a question from a CNN reporter. CNN was the first to report about the dossier that Buzzfeed published yesterday.

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