All it took is one picture of Drake and Jennifer Lopez to get the whole world talking.

Early Wednesday morning, the 47-year-old singer and 30-year-old rapper each posted a flick on their Instagram accounts. In the picture, Drizzy is staring at the camera with a slight grin as he cuddles up next to Jenny from the Block on a couch.

After it popped up online, it didn’t take long to set social media on fire. Drake, J-Lo and even Lopez’s ex Diddy became trending topics — but there was also some other fallout. Rihanna took notice and unfollowed Jennifer with the quickness.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • Dear Diary, Mi nuh know why tha wan stop me dating the bad ting J.Lo. Dem call us DrayLo. Jealousy.
  • Puff gonna kill Drake lol.
  • Drake IS the J-Lo of rap to be honest. First time I heard both’s music I was like “Oh you sing too, now?”
  • Rihanna ain’t jealous of Drake and Jlo,nothing can make Rihanna jealous,only herself.
  • I’m imagining Drake & J Lo listening to “I’m real” in the car & Drake making J Lo do the Ja parts so he can sing.
  • So Drake’s been linked with J-Lo, Rihanna and Serena Williams all in one year? Give that man the MVP, Oscar for best film too.
  • Drake is now just a Trina away from dating an entire Kanye verse.
  • Diddy slapped Drake, so he got him back by baggin one of the women he really loved lol. If that ain’t chess ion know what is lol.
  • Drake and Nick Cannon outchea smashing all the women who were on posters on their walls when they were 12 year olds.

Talk About It:

  • They’ve been spotted together a bunch now — but they’re also working really hard to make sure we know they’ve been hanging out. Is this relationship the real deal?
  • Meanwhile, Drake could be making a play for Rihanna — or shooting his shot with Nicki.
  • Do you think the age difference is too much? What is the oldest and youngest you would or have dated? Is age just a number?
  • Who’s using who? Or is it mutual?
  • Could you see Drake doing a Las Vegas residency?
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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