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A new poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion has revealed the most annoying words and phrases of 2016 and “whatever” was the top pick for the eight time.

38 percent of those polled said the word “whatever,” especially when used to express indifference, is the most annoying word. But it’s actually a little less annoying than it was last year when 43 percent of people chose it. The second-most annoying word or phrase this year is “no offense, but,” as in, “no offense, but you use the word “whatever” way too much.”

There was a third-place tie this year between “You know, right?” and “I can’t even.” Fifth on the list is the word “huge” which was used a lot during the presidential election. (Washington Post)

Talk About It:

  • Surprisingly, the word “like” didn’t make the top five.
  • What other words or phrases do you find annoying?
  • What about, “just sayin,'” or “random,” or “amazeballs?”
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