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Just announced, Ohio Rapper accused of threatening a 16 year old girl to remove her clothing in his music video has been found guilty and sentenced.

According to NY Daily News, rapper “Thot King” of Columbus, Ohio has been sentenced to 15 years for having an underage girl in his music video that promoted Child pornography and showed explicit sexual footage of him and the underage girl.  The victim even considered committing suicide.

According to Ny Daily News, Eric Chavis uploaded 29 videos to the internet with underage girls, according to authorities. His lawyer says his client believed the girls were willing and over 18.  U.S. District Judge Michael Watson told Chavis the victims, who were 16 and 17, were all “mature” but not of legal age. The judge said Chavis searched the internet to scout underage girls for his video.

Eric Chavis of Columbus received the mandatory minimum sentence required under federal statutes on Tuesday after pleading guilty in June to conspiracy to produce child pornography according to Ny Daily News.

“I was so afraid my son was going to see that I tried to end my life,” was said by the victim.  The video was uploaded to the internet.  She mentioned that she was threatened to be raped.



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