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Season three opens right where it left off. Rhonda fell off the roof Andre is strangling Boo Boo Kitty and  screaming from rage. As a result her water breaks. Poor Andre he’s lost his face through this tragedy.

Birdman and French Montana made appearances. Jamal had  flash backs during his performance , this may effect his music career.

Hakeem is making good music this season however, he’s neglecting daddy duties by attempting to hook back in bed with Tiana.

Surprisingly, Cookie is over Luscious.  Not only did he marry Anika but he also moved her in. His mother threaten Boo Boo Kitty with a knife.

Luscious half brother is still trying to put him in jail. Meanwhile after Boo Boo Kitty  gave birth to his grandchild/child he threaten her to go along with a made up story: Rhonda jumped off the room and Boo Boo Kitty tried to stop her.

Someone is trying to set Luscious up wonder who, what are your thoughts?

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