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As if there wasn’t much else happening for us to report on today, the Tiger Woods saga continues. During Tiger’s tournament on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Woods complained about a possible neck injury and alluded to the fact that it could be a “bulging disk.”

Too easy! Haha! Ok, so I’m not even going to make the joke that’s right on the tip of my tongue. Instead, I’ll let you guys read this news story for yourself and draw your own conclusion about our friend Tiger’s latest headlines…ahem, drama.

So before you all head home for the afternoon, here’s something worth reading or chuckling (and praying…) about if you ask me.

Click on the link below to check out the full story from yesterday’s neck injury on the golf course.

Here’s video footage and a comment from the doctors tending to the golf star turned womanizer we’ve all quickly come to know and love/hate. Will it ever end? Check out the video and post your responses below the break.

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