Source: Ivan Bajic / Getty

According to VLADTV.COM: Chris LeDay helped the first video of cops fatally shooting Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La. go viral, a day later, he was arrested himself in what he believes was retaliation by police officers.

LeDay, who lives in Atlanta, didn’t film the shooting himself, he received it from a friend in Baton Rouge, where he once lived. The friend knew the woman who shot the footage at the Triple S market and told LeDay she was reluctant to post it.  LeDay says they knew he could make it go viral and he did. He helped it gain national attention when he posted it to his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts that all have large followings.  Media outlets and the New York Daily News’s Shaun King then shared his post widely.

LeDay recounted his arrest on Facebook, saying he was going to his job as a technician at Dobbins Air Reserve Base when he was suddenly detained by both military and civilian police officers. Read More

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