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Ah, Wal-Mart…one of America’s favorite discount department stores, grocers and sometimes a one stop shop for every late craving you could ever experience. Today, the corporation has caused quite another stir with the recent news that they’re facing a rather large class action lawsuit for deliberate gender bias and discrimination against an employee.

Wal-Mart greeter Betty Dukes is good for a smile and a warm greeting. Most Wal-Mart employees are that way in many of our cases, but Ms. Dukes is also a woman who’s willing to take a stand against what she believes to be discrimination. Speaking up and speaking out has created an opportunity for the ordained Baptist member to encourage Wal-Mart to face the music when it comes to how they treat their employees.

After years of little advancement and frustration with her customer service position’s responsibilities Dukes’ tenure culminated in an ugly spat with managers resulting in a humiliating demotion and a swift pay cut, according to Dukes. The staff at TheRoot.com has more details on the historic case and the U.S. Court of Appeals’ decision to allow it to go to trial as a class action on behalf of as many as 1 million former and current female Wal-Mart employees.

Read the story and post your comments below if you’ve ever experience this type of discrimination on the job. How did you handle the situation? Do you believe Dukes will win or do you think Wal-Mart will attempt a settlement to avoid additional headlines? Tell us what’s on your mind after you’ve read the story.

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