Two Hearts

Source: Cindy Singleton / Getty

Here’s a little Fasho Valentines Day tips for ya this weekend. To keep you out  of the dog house,

• Make a long list of all the things you are grateful for in your lover and give them one item a week.

• Pamper your partner by word or gesture, every night, forever.

• Give lots of I.O.U.’s for back rubs, dishes or car washings, running errands, letting them choose the channel or being able to call an electronic black out.

• Give a compliment everyday and post it on a note.

• Treat a mate like a permanent date — don’t burp, pick your teeth, scratch, or yawn in their presence.

• Use your hands well and often – and touch your mate more than your pet.

• Lose the white boxer shorts, sensible bras, and panty hose.

• Schedule trips and date nights regularly.

• Be sexually experimental — what doesn’t hurt if you both enjoy it can’t hurt you.

• Kiss for at least ten seconds — pecks are for acquaintances.

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