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Shooting In Lower Manhattan Federal Building

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Breaking News: Justice for Cincinnati family from the deadly police shooting.

The family of a 43-year-old man fatally shot by a University of Cincinnati police officer will receive $4.85 million from the school, relatives announced Monday at a news conference, according to Newsone.

The university also agreed to provide free undergraduate education to Samuel DuBose‘s 12 children, which is valued about $500,000, Al Gerhardstein, a lawyer for the family, said at the press conference. Announced on the annual celebration of Martin Luther King Day, Gerhardstein said, “The family is taking Martin Luther King’s words to heart. He told us to be peaceful when we are faced with tragedy, and this family has worked peacefully over the last few months to resolve this terrible, terrible tragedy,” the report says.

Officer Ray Tensing is accused of shooting DuBose during a traffic stop in July over an alleged missing license tag. Read more at Mediablackoutusa.com

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