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Charlie Sheen showed complete courage and bravery this morning on the TODAY show. In front of millions he disclosed his HIV status on live tv. He is indeed HIV Positive and has been suffering in silence for almost 4yrs. He told the news to a select few in the industry. Matt Lauer asked if Charlie had told his children. He admitted the eldest kids knew. He shared that after revealing the news to his daughter Cassandra, “it hit her hard but she’s tough like her dad! He went on to tell her that he didn’t want to burden her with all of the stress!” Click here to get the complete interview. Prayer’s up for Charlie Sheen for making his health status public.

Having the HIV status is not a death sentence. If you have yet to get checked. There are many places you can get a HIV test including a clinic, your doctor’s office, mobile testing van or home HIV test. Early detection is key!

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