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There is a lot of speculation about legalization of marijuana in Ohio.  This is not an old issue for Ohio.  The reason it is getting so much attention around the state is because a handful of rich people are looking to profit billions from it so they put millions behind propaganda to get this issue passed.  But many Ohioans are being misled and do not truly understand what Issue 3 means.  To get the real scoop on what passing Issue 3 would mean click HERE

What did become apparent is that this wealthy group wanted to basically create a monopoly, not only in the industry, but just create a legal monopoly.  This is dangerous on many levels because today it can be about “marijuana” but if we pass the bill allowing a group to create a monopoly then we are opening up the flood gates for other groups to come in and create monopolies.  Lawmakers proposed passing Issue 2 to stop monopolies but if you want to know more about that so click HERE

Some people are not being fooled and want you to know why you should vote no on Issue 3, see their reasons HERE

But we want to hear from YOU!  Sound Off on our poll below if you are going to vote yes or no on issue 3.  Don’t worry it’s anonymous.

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