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About a week ago (Bobby Schmurda voice) or maybe 2 weeks, Hazel E got a drink thrown in her face by Blogger, Jason Lee. If you saw that episode, you probably thought (I know I did) that it was very odd for a man to get some angry in such a quick time and throw a drink in a females face. Well you know, there’s a back story and I’ve found it.

When filming reality show, you know they can’t get everything on camera. What we did see on camera is Hazel E and Jason Lee having an exchange because he claimed that she doesn’t have ANY receipts for all of the PR work that she claimed. That exchange got heated and ended with Hazel wiping a drink off her.

In an exclusive interview with TJB, Hazel E told the reason why she got a drink thrown in her face. It seems that Jason Lee didn’t want the alleged relationship with him and Tahj Mowry were brought up.

There was a statement when I said, ‘The only time I encountered you is when you were fake working out on the canyon acting like you were trying to lose weight and you said you were ‘having issues with your relationship with Tahj Mowry’ and that’s when he threw the drink. That’s what was cut out because I wasn’t technically allowed to out anybody but I didn’t out him. He had outed him and had this whole thing that he was mad that I brought it back up.

Hazel E, that was messy….You can’t be too upset if Tahj calls his twin sisters on  you!

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