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Fetty Wap is being accused of being a devil worshiper for his song, 679. One of the people who called him a devil worshiper is Nicki Minaj’s mom, Carol. In a tweet (that has sense been removed), she said “There’s a song called ‘679. In the first six seconds the rapper is stating he is a devil worshiper’. You can press play to listen for yourself.

If you listen carefully, it sounds like he’s saying “Remy Boy Lifestyle,” which if you listen to his music, you will hear he shouts out the “Remy Boys” quite often.

Allegedly, Minaj’s mother wasn’t the only person to call him out. A fan also posted a picture of Fetty and called him a devil worshiper. He replied to that comment with, “Worship these n—,”

Do you think he is a Devil Worshiper?

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