Back in the day, I remember growing up with the idea that Oral sex wasn’t considered sex. It’s 2015, therefore I didn’t think there were many myths about sex left.

The excuses and loop holes people used to get jetty pretty much don’t fly anymore.

Last night, Tv one’s Born Again Virgin was hilarious and proved that Oral Sex is Real Sex.

Born Again Virgin cast

Source: ATL Pics / ATL Pics

Tara met her moms new male friend and after learning his age she realized she was interested in him.

Kelly started dating a new guy and once she realized she really liked him she learned that Jenna use to date him. Their date began to be uncomfortable for her, “You can’t like sweet potato and pumpkin pie. . .  you  can’t love one  without hating the other.”  She dumped him once she learned he was liked pumpkin pie.

Jenna’s blog is getting more and more popular. The most asked question  is “Is Oral Sex real sex? ” Jenna asked around for people’s opinions and then met with a sex expert in hopes to find answers to her bloggers questions.

See the full episode HERE.

Kings and Queens, Sex is sex. No matter how you do it, Vaginal, anal, and oral all are considered as sex. You can’t share your cookies so make sure you keep your cookies in the cookie jar.

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