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Brave Williams

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This week my WCW is singer/songwriter Brave Williams. You might know her from the MTV reality series “Making the Band” she was the lead singer. I’m so proud of her because she has come a long way. Brave has a new fragrance, as well as starring in the reality series “R and B Divas: LA”, and a new EP titled “Fearless”. 
Brave reflects on her new EP when she states, “My favorite record is ‘Original’ and ‘Long Way Down’. I love the way ‘Original’ (written by myself and Tytewriter; produced by Ivan Dox Barias) reminds me that it’s ok to be who I am flaws and all, I’m original. ‘Long Way Down’ (produced by Milk N Sizz written by myself, Milk, and Torion Frizzle) was created over 5 years ago when I was trying to find my sound. I love the music, the old school feel, yet the simplicity of the vocals. The vocals on that song are the same vocals from 5 years ago. I could have recut them since I’ve gotten much stronger vocally, but I chose to leave it in its original state. I love how it chronicles how much I’ve grown.”

Brave also has a new music video titled “Road Trippin”. The R and B Divas: LA star says that this music video “is one of the sexiest songs and videos I’ve ever recorded, written by Candy Shields and myself; produced by Ivan Dox Barias, Fusion, and Ghost. I wanted to show my more vulnerable side as an artist. Lil Chris Robinson directed it, and did an amazing job.”
Her new EP “Fearless” is available on iTunes. Check out Brave’s new single in the exclusive interview below. Also discover how she got started in the industry and find out who she’s partnered with in her new fragrance. 

Check out the music video Brave shot during R & B Divas LA:

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