Happy 46th Birthday to Tupac Shakur, All Eyez Are Still On King Pac.

Here’s my favorite Top 5 Songs:

1. Changes: This song gives me hope.

2. Hit em Up: This song was live, because he said a lot of stuff that had people talking. The beef was real between him and Biggie.

3. Dear Mama: I love this song, its my moma ringtone, he loved his mom unconditionally, and taught the world through his lyrics that they should too regardless of the circumstances.

4. California Love: Everytime I hear this I song  think about summer, It just makes you want to turn up.

5. Hail Mary: Not much to say about this song besides its a classic.

6. Ambitionz Az A Ridah:  Here’s another classic.

7.  Brenda Gotta Baby: Tupac always speak life, that song is real man, they’re are young Princesses out here trying to raise him.

8. Keep Your Head Up: If you ever need some motivation just turn this song on, I get strength in my spirit every time I hear it.

9. I Ain’t Mad At Ya:  Who could make a song about being mad but not really be mad. Only the King of the West Tupac.

10: How do you Want It: You can play this in the clubs right now and people will still turn up.

Tupac sold over 75 million records, despite being killed at the tender age of 25, Tupac’s legacy still resonates today.

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