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nicki minaj and meek mill

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While we’re trying to figure out what’s up with Omeeka (Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj) all weekend on 101.1 The Wiz, I guess we can put our worries on hold for now. Last weekend after the Hip Hop couple posted some subliminal messages on IG, we thought it was a wrap. Last night as Nicki Minaj performed at the X Games in Austin, Meek Mill hit the stage as her surprise guest.

You can see some of their performance, here.

It seems that Meek got treated to some “behind the scenes” action as well. Watch the video, here.

If you want to see Meek Mill next week at Cameo’s, listen all weekend for the Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj ‘double-play’ for your chance to win. Plus, you can follow us on Instagram @Wiznationcincy for another chance to win.

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