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Closing Arguments Held In Zimmerman Trial

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Rise and shine, baby. We’ve got today’s top news stories assorted just for you. Leggo.

1) Zimmerman Shooter Had Intent To Kill, According To Police Records

Matthew Apperson was seriously out of fucks when the police detained him for shooting into George Zimmerman’s car on May 11 in Lake Mary, FL. Now out on bail for $35,000, Apperson was overheard by police saying “I hope I got him this time.” The shooter is facing charges in aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and shooting a lethal missile into an occupied automobile. Read the story at The Root.

2) Suicide Among Black Children On The Rise

A new study says that suicide rates for Black boys and girls has risen almost two-fold, while rates for White children are in decline. Published in medical journal, JAMA Pediatrics, researchers found that suicide by hanging has tripled for Black boys though it has remained static for their White counterparts. Researchers cited easier gun access, cultural shifts in religious observance and higher exposure to violence, traumatic and earlier experiences of puberty as possible causes for the increase. Read the story at the New York Times.

3) Columbia Student Brings Mattress To Graduation For Rape Awareness Project

Emma Sulkowicz stays on. Today, the Columbia student brought her mattress to her graduation ceremony as part of her endurance art piece, Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight), to advocate for rape victims on college campuses. The performance began after Sulkowicz reported being raped by a fellow student to Columbia officials. The alleged attacker was deemed “not responsible” in the case. Read the story here at The Daily Beast and The Columbia Spectator.

4) Interviews Confirm Boko Haram Militants Have Raped Captives in Droves

Ongoing surveys and treatment for the women kidnapped by the Boko Haram have revealed that the militant group has been raping victims to breed a new generation of terrorists. Rescued captives claim that  were kept in homes by the dozens while the Boko Haram took turns forcing them to have sex. Some also told officials that the terrorists would pray to God to transfer their teachings into the new children before raping them. Read the story at the New York Times.

5) 34 More Dead In Baltimore Since Freddie Gray’s Death

Baltimore has been suffering immensely from gun violence, especially since the now infamous death of Freddie Gray. Homicides are up by almost 40 percent in Baltimore since last year while non-fatal shootings are up by 60 percent. Since the first of January, the city has seen 164 non fatal shootouts. Read the story at The Baltimore Sun.

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