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The funeral for slain victim of police brutality Walter Scott was held Sunday at WORD Ministries Christian Center in Summerville, SC. Scott’s immediate family were in attendance, as well as South Carolina politicians of the both Democratic and Republican parties. Pastor George D.  Hamilton lead the services for Scott’s farewell and in his eulogy condemned the lingering complicated issues of racism in America. The Pastor determined that the 50-year-old died “as a result of overt racism … hatred in that officer’s heart.”

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Pastor Hamilton delivered more powerful words and said to a packed WORD Ministries that:

“This particular officer was a disgrace, but we will not indict the department for the act of one racist.”

“We can’t bring Walter back, but we certainly want justice to be done.”

He also added:

“This hate could not be because this person knew Walter. The hate was because Walter was African-American. No one just empties a clip into a man’s back.”

Scott’s death was another extremely sad and shocking statistic of Black lives gunned down in America. Yet his death, which currently covers TIME magazine with the campaign message of “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is being treated as a turning point for what America, its leaders and policies are going to do about changing this volatile environment in which people of color, many of whom are unarmed, are being shot by police. Last week, Scott was killed in cold blood by North Charleston, SC cop Michael T. Slager. After Slager interrogated Scott for fleeing a traffic light and in an altercation tased Scott. The victim got up to run, then in fear of his life and he was shot in the back by Slager.

As pallbearers carried Scott’s casket, it was draped in the American flag. Hundreds of mourners who never even met Scott stood outside WORD Ministries to pay their respects.


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