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Wiz Music Day Survival Guide

Source: iOne / iOne


The next couple of steps should be followed if you are serious about being in the Music Industry. If you do not believe in the song, are not willing to put in the work it takes to promote a record-stop right here!


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STEP 1-Register your song with The Library of Congress

Log onto http://www.copyright.gov


STEP 2-Sign Up with ASCAP

 Log onto http://www.ascap.com/about

                                 or BMI

 Log onto http://www.bmi.com


STEP 3-Get Song Encoded with Broadcast Data System (BDS)

 Log onto http://www.bdsonline.com

                                    AND Media Base

  Log onto http://www.mediabase.com


STEP 4: Get CD professionally pressed up


STEP 5: Promote your music (Posters, Performances, Fliers, Street Team, Social Media etc.)


STEP 6: Upload your music for on air consideration with The Wiz.  Click here for 513 Heat





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