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Ok so one or 2 things happen today, 1 is was a sick embarrassing April fools joke, oooooooor the man caught up with you. Welp, as of now the story is that Tyga was  served with legal papers during his big sneaker unveiling Tuesday night, but the guy who served him bought two pair!

(SHAME) Tyga was hit while revealing his new kicks for L.A. Gear at Shiekh Shoes in Hollywood.

Oddly enough gotta give the process server credit … he stood in line for more than two hours, bought two pairs of kicks at $120 each, had them autographed … and that’s when he hit Tyga with the papers…And STILL got a pic with Tyga! (The audacity)

The process server wouldn’t get into what the papers were for, just saying that apparently Tyga owes someone money.





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