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Happy #MotivationalMonday Kings and Queens,

When we were little kids we dreamed of being fire fighters, policemen, teachers, doctors, entertainers and lawyers. As we became adults our dreams changed. We now dream of being rich and making lots of money everyone grew up and learned the importance of money therefore  the desire of wealth implanted.

We all have dreams but they will never come true if we don’t work hard and focus on what we want to achieve.

It bothers me when people share their goals with me without a  plan to reach their destination.



Source: Spoken Art Photography / Ebony J Media LLC

You can’t tell me you want to be a rapper but you don’t perform no where, or when I look up your music or name, nothing pops up about you. How do you expect someone to take you seriously. You can’t call yourself a businessman or  business woman and you don’t have no tax identification number, when searching for your business nothing comes up on social media or in a web search.

In order for your dreams to work, you must put yourself out their. You must network and work hard to get to where your going and stop at no cost. The grind to pursuing your dream isn’t an easy journey. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

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