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Abby pressed Huck and Quinn about Liv’s whereabouts, and got the cold shoulder.  Huck reminded her she was no longer a Gladiator.

Fitz called in Jake to help find Olivia, while Ian prepped her to work with him.

Olivia was auctioned on the “dark net,” with bidding begun by an unknown group of terrorists.

Huck announced he had over $2 billion to bid, and Olivia told her captors she wouldn’t go for less than $1 bil.  Gus shot Ian, leaving Liv stunned and covered in blood.

Cyrus presented VP Andrew with a resignation letter that said he was resigning the VP post for health reasons.  Cyrus threatened him with prison, but VP refused to resign, promising that if he went down, so would Fitz.

Huck got busy trying to find the auction site.  Since it was deep down in the net, they decided they needed an “all-star int’l terrorist” to get them in.  Queue Mama Pope.

Mama Pope demanded to be moved to medium security in exchange for help getting into the auction.  Rosen shot her down, but Quinn convinced them to give her a flat screen.

Cyrus sneaked up on Lizzy, who was still understandably shaken by her run in with Huck.

Maya led Jake and Huck to a drug dealer who could get them into the auction, but of course nothing was as they thought it would be.  Huck did what Huck does, and went in by himself to handle it.`

Andrew threatened Mellie he would go public with their affair if she didn’t cooperate with him.

Jake decided to go check on Huck, and discovered that Huck had indeed taken care of everything.

Abby stormed in on David and charged him up for not telling her Liv was missing.

Mellie revealed to Fitz that Andrew is planning to blab about their affair, and told him they needed to let him walk.  In a rare, tender moment, Mellie told Fitz she wanted to be POTUS.  He agreed to let Andrew go.

After the most gruesome bloodbath ever, Huck announced he was in the auction as Marie Wallace.  As soon as they got into the auction, it disappeared along with all the bids.

Cyrus woke Fitz and called him to the situation room.

Gus told Olivia she’d been sold to Iran.

Huck went too far describing the absolute worst case scenario with whomever actually took Liv torturing her little by little until she was no longer alive, and Quinn went H.A.M.

Gus and crew delivered Olivia to her new…um…owners.

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